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Sensuous Cee Cee, the Soul of a Courtesan

Beautiful, Sensuous Cee Cee is a mother who is passionate about living her life with joy and pleasure. Recently single and rediscovering herself as an artist, she boldly cut her hair short and feels much more vibrant and sexy. I asked her to share a message to her daughter about her journey to owning her […]

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Britni, a young Plus Size Model claims her Beauty

  “Growing up, I had two thin and athletic looking parents and then there was me…As a teenager I started developing curves that I didn’t like…wide hips, big butt etc. I wasn’t happy with who I was and wanted to be thin. I spent many years wishing to be something else and became tired of […]

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The Day I Owned My Beauty, the Birth of Venus

THE DAY I OWNED MY BEAUTY, THE BIRTH OF VENUS Here’s the thing about Owning your Beauty. It is a choice and a practice and a journey. I have been walking this road for a long time. Kind Eyes is born from my own Beauty wounding. I truly believe that Divine Beauty is Absolute and […]

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Bunnie = one lusciously seductive Hot Mamma!!!

Beautiful Bunnie is one of my dearest friends and an exceptional women.  I was still in my 30’s and she in her early 40’s when we first met, so we have been growing into and processing this ‘aging thing’ for a while now. Always an avid runner, she told me impressive tales of how she […]

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Miami = the Beauty of Sisterhood

Once a year, something amazing happens in South Beach, Florida – the Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend Brought together by the exuberant and wildly inspiring Mama Gena, women flock to this event to write their desires in the sand, dance on bar tops, skinny dip in fancy hotel pools and generally make Divine mischief. These ladies represent […]

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