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The Power of Selfies

As a photographer who has taken self-portraits throughout my life, it was very natural for me to start taking ‘selfies’ with my phone – after all, I’ve been doing it for years with ‘real cameras.’ The idea of a “selfie” sometimes evokes a negative reaction from people. Maybe they think it’s narcissistic, an example of […]

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Before The Selfies…Self Portraits from my Heart of Darkness

I have selfied for so many reasons…but mostly  for the same reason I am motivated to photographs others, to document a moment in which I felt HAPPY, to celebrate my life. There are selfies with my adorable teenage cousins, selfies with my mom, selfies with my nephew, selfies in Paris, New York, Hawaii. For me, […]

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The Day I Owned My Beauty, the Birth of Venus

THE DAY I OWNED MY BEAUTY, THE BIRTH OF VENUS Here’s the thing about Owning your Beauty. It is a choice and a practice and a journey. I have been walking this road for a long time. Kind Eyes is born from my own Beauty wounding. I truly believe that Divine Beauty is Absolute and […]

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