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Kako at the Bibliothèque Nationale

Meet Kako. She’s gorgeous, full of spark, sassy, creative, well-traveled. She lives in Paris with her gorgeous mostly
well-mannered teenage son. We have known each other for 22 years, since the year I lived in Paris (I’ll let you do the math)

note to self: might be fun to do that again

We are all getting older. For the chronically vain (yes, that’s me), it is an ongoing opportunity to practice self-love and adoration. Owning one’s Beauty is a choice, one that we must make again and again.

At the moment, I’m winning the battle against self-negating thoughts and judgement – I am living in self-love in a way I never imagined possible. When I can give that gift to any woman, it thrills me to the core. When I can give it to a dear friend, it is all the more meaningful.

At the time of this shoot, Kako was about to turn 47 and she was going through some man trouble. These photos turned out to have a deep healing effect on her bruised psyche and she was shrieking with glee to see how gorgeous she is…encore et toujours

I took these images 3 years ago. I was still living in a prison of unhappiness with my ex and had not yet freed myself. Being in Paris cracked me open using Pleasure as its crowbar. It was the first trip I had taken on my own in years – not with my mom, not with my ex –  but with old friends who knew me, who remembered I was fun and creative and made me feel that way too. Doing these shoots was as much a gift for me as for her. Reconnecting with my passion for photography reconnected me to my creative spirit, my art spirit. I know she took pleasure from seeing herself through my eyes and feeling confidant that she was still rocking it.

Turning 50 this month, happily back together with Mr. Trouble and about to travel to the US twice this year, Kako’s future is looking pretty bright. A bientôt ma chere, et bon anniversaire XO









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