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Kim, transforming negative self talk into self love

I met the Beautiful and Enchanting Kim in Miami 2 years ago at the annual gathering of  Mama Gena’s Sister Goddesses. I was in awe of her confidence and sass as she rocked her hot pink string bikini on the beach. I felt like she would be a perfect ambassatrix for my Kind Eyes vision, a women at ease in her body and loving her curves.

When we started discussing a possible photo shoot, I discovered that her inner dialogue was much different than what she was presenting…like most of us, she had an inner critic that was louder about what was wrong than right

In her words:  “At that time, I,  like most women had a severe case of “I hate my body” blues. The self-talk tape that ran 24/7 in my head went like this “my thighs and butt are so dimpled and fat, I better cover them up”, “gawd, how did my stomach get so big, I look 8 months pregnant and I am not!”, “my butt is as big as my gut”, ‘ugh, a huge double chin”. “Look at that photo! I look hideous- take it off facebook immediately and untag me”.

These ideas of how unattractive I am impacted my social activities and I chose not to date because I felt undesirable. I felt I needed to lose weight and change shape to be more desirable based on society’s view of what is attractive and an acceptable standard for women’s bodies.

By the time of my photo shoot, I was becoming much more confident that I had some beauty in there somewhere and by goddess we were going to make it come out!

The experience of getting a professional stylist and makeup artist to work with me (for 3 hours!!) prior to the shoot opened me up and created a build up of excitement.

Jill created a relaxed and playful atmosphere for the shoot. She helped bring out my inner and outer beauty. I am thrilled with the photos and will cherish the affect it has had on my inner dialogue on body image.”

Kim,  you are such a goddess and I am so honored that you chose to let me honor your Divine Beauty with my camera! I am so in love with the images we created together, so look for an upcoming post with round two from our shoot!!!

Bill Parsley - Kim,

Confidence, sensuality, sass, curves and vulnerability….how could it get any better. This is what a woman is supposed to look like. Amazing!!!

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Michael Hayes - I just have to say you are … Beautiful


Jeanne - Kim’s 6lbs 6 oz has simply multiplied into more loveliness! Her increasing positive self image is sure to bring new excitement into her life. With so much love, your Mom

Ananda - So beautiful and so refreshing to see a real, gorgeous woman, portrayed as she should be.

Thea - Lovely woman, delicious Goddessness, you changing your script empowers all women. Thank you for your courage and honesty.

Sofia - GORGEOUS, it always amazes me how such a BEAUTIFUL woman can have such ugly dialogue in her head. Thanks for sharing your beauty with us, so COURAGEOUS of you. xo

Erika - So beautiful…. Thanks for sharing these with us you 2!!

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