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Britni, a young Plus Size Model claims her Beauty


“Growing up, I had two thin and athletic looking parents and then there was me…As a teenager I started developing curves that I didn’t like…wide hips, big butt etc. I wasn’t happy with who I was and wanted to be thin. I spent many years wishing to be something else and became tired of it. Did I really hate my curves? No, I loved them…I just wanted to be the picture perfect skinny girl in magazines that I saw.

When I got a bit older I realized that my body shape is beautiful and no one is perfect. Each and every one of us defines beauty in a different way so no matter what I changed, I still wouldn’t be perfect to everyone.

I began modeling to flaunt my curves and reach goals that I never though were possible for a girl like me. Being a plus size model means embracing curves and setting a example to all those curvy girls that YOU are beautiful , and don’t feel otherwise.”

These photos were taken in Los Angeles in March of 2011. Britni was 23 at the time and already married. She is now the proud mom of her adorable infant son Nico. Congratulations Britni, you are a true Beauty inside and out!!!

Styled by Johnny Hernandez of Fierro Agency

Huge thanks to Julian and Johnny for letting me shoot in their rad Mid-Century home XOXO


Sofia - So much Beauty in the pics and especially in her words! thanks for sharing so much inspiration . . . xo

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