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Miami = the Beauty of Sisterhood

Once a year, something amazing happens in South Beach, Florida – the Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend

Brought together by the exuberant and wildly inspiring Mama Gena, women flock to this event to write their desires in the sand, dance on bar tops, skinny dip in fancy hotel pools and generally make Divine mischief.

These ladies represent and embody the true spirit of my Kind Eyes vision.
During a spontaneous photo shoot on the beach…we’re talking in bright daylight AND in bathing suits, these ladies lit me up with their bliss. There was a whole lot of self-love going around here – mine, theirs and a collective JOY in shared celebration and acceptance

Check out the Beauty that emanates from women when they are loving and accepting themselves and each other!


Case in point, Miss Kimberly…a SMOKIN HOT 38 year old mom of three!

Owning our Goddessliness and letting it radiate forth makes the world a better, and more Beautiful place!

Thanks Ladies, for all the fun and growth that has ensued since this beach meeting, and for the good times we are about to have this weekend 🙂

Ditte - Thank you for sharing these photos! So sweet, hot and gorgeous as ever! Just love how your kind eyes seem to open up the beauty of each women! You create a sacred space for us to be seen!
xox, Ditte

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