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Bunnie = one lusciously seductive Hot Mamma!!!

Beautiful Bunnie is one of my dearest friends and an exceptional women.  I was still in my 30’s and she in her early 40’s when we first met, so we have been growing into and processing this ‘aging thing’ for a while now.

Always an avid runner, she told me impressive tales of how she ran 100 mile trial races and showed me pictures of her runner’s body younger self. Her body’s aches and pains seemed like a betrayal and as many of the things she had loved to do became too difficult, it challenged her identity as well as reshaped her body into a more voluptuous one.

In her words: “I have always had negative body image. As I have aged these issues have only increased. I truly felt beautiful while doing the shoot but my doubts were about seeing my photos and not instantly seeing all the negatives. And I love my photos – I’m gorgeous. All who have seen the photos say the same thing. My adult daughters say I’m a “hot mamma.”

Since the shoot, I do feel more beautiful, and it seems like more people are telling me I’m beautiful. I guess it’s true that if we feel it on the inside it shows on the outside.

Darling Bunnie, you have always been a great Beauty to me, and you are only getting more gorgeous by the year. I am glad that you are finally seeing what the rest of us have always known. Love you with all my heart XOXO

Michaela - Beautiful! Really lovely. And QUITE tastefully sexy. Interesting and surprising. Really impressed.

Lali - You are such a hot mama. Like, whoa. Your curves, your skin, your bunny gaze (oh those big open eyes.) Beautiful. All so beautiful! You definitely are a HOT MAMMA. Or what the younger kids call a ‘milf’ 😀 MUAH! And love the lingerie!

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