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Miami = the Beauty of Sisterhood

Once a year, something amazing happens in South Beach, Florida – the Worldwide Sister Goddess Weekend

Brought together by the exuberant and wildly inspiring Mama Gena, women flock to this event to write their desires in the sand, dance on bar tops, skinny dip in fancy hotel pools and generally make Divine mischief.

These ladies represent and embody the true spirit of my Kind Eyes vision.
During a spontaneous photo shoot on the beach…we’re talking in bright daylight AND in bathing suits, these ladies lit me up with their bliss. There was a whole lot of self-love going around here – mine, theirs and a collective JOY in shared celebration and acceptance

Check out the Beauty that emanates from women when they are loving and accepting themselves and each other!


Case in point, Miss Kimberly…a SMOKIN HOT 38 year old mom of three!

Owning our Goddessliness and letting it radiate forth makes the world a better, and more Beautiful place!

Thanks Ladies, for all the fun and growth that has ensued since this beach meeting, and for the good times we are about to have this weekend 🙂

Ditte - Thank you for sharing these photos! So sweet, hot and gorgeous as ever! Just love how your kind eyes seem to open up the beauty of each women! You create a sacred space for us to be seen!
xox, Ditte

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Alia, La Sorcière = Powerful Sexy Hot

As women, I think we all struggle to love and accept ourselves fully – ALL of us. No matter the Beauty others see, we can fixate on what makes us feel we don’t ‘measure up’ vs embracing ourselves as the most ‘ideal’ version of our very own Unique Beauty, which is really the trick, isn’t it?

Personally, I think however we felt about ourselves during middle school haunts us for life. I have met svelte ‘perfect’ models who still carry the gawky ‘too tall’ outcast within them, I’ve watched my always slim and gorgeous mom be on a diet her whole life, seeing herself through the lens of her middle school chubbiness – sometimes we are just unable to see our Beauty when these lenses of the past cloud our vision.

When I heard Beautiful Alia express her desire to have a Pin-Up girl’s body, she touched my own core wounding and and ignited my desire to photograph her that way, to show her the great Beauty I see in her.

Shining star in her own right, she desired to feel as powerful and sexy and hot in her own Beauty as she imagined her ideal gal,  Scarlett Johansson, to be (who, goddess though she is, I imagine even she might still look in the mirror sometimes with self judgement )

“I am held by the universe and at the center of its beauty.

My life is magical!

I am free in my outer world and inner world.”

“I desire to truly believe and feel I AM THE MOST GORGEOUS CREATURE TO GRACE THIS PLANET. “

Alia, La Luna Belle Noir,  Muse Extraordinaire – you are one of the greatest Beauties of all time to grace my lens and I think these images are powerful sexy and hot beyond words. You may indeed be the most gorgeous creature to grace this planet. Happy Birthday Scorpio Soul Sister…May this year be filled with MAGIC and the fulfillment of all you desire XOXO

Give Alia some birthday love in the comments below…



Sofia - Alia, Happy Birthday BEAUTY ~ AMAZING shots of you SEXY SULTRY SPECTACULAR, that’s you. Love sofia

Ti - Gorgeous!!! Wow. That is some smoldering POWER.

Lali - BIRTHDAY LOVE <3 <3 <3 <3

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Luscious Curvy Sexy = Sandi Firecracker!!!

I had such a blast photographing this sassy sexy single mom in NYC last summer.  With her luminous skin, awesome cleavage and flirty personality, Sandi lived up to her nickname of ‘Firecracker’ in front of the camera. As you can see from her pictures, the girl knows how to work it!  Meet Sandi Firecracker, the new Pin Up Queen!!!

In her own words: “I’ve struggled with my self-image ever since I was little. I never felt I was as pretty as the other girls, or as thin. The truth is, I was not actually overweight until I reached adulthood. But even when I was a smaller size, I thought I was fat, or somehow imperfect and thus, ugly. It is strange to realize that now, older and heavier, I love myself and my body so much more than I did when I was young and thin. Something that really helped me appreciate my curves was being photographed by Jill. Even if I never saw a finished picture, the experience was just so much fun and so healing.”

“Now any time I feel a little down about my body, I look at the pictures, a clear reminder that I make curvy look damn good! A clear reminder that a woman can be sexy, seductive, flirty, and beautiful, at any size. So here I am, not thin, not as young as I once was, but feeling more gorgeous than I ever have before!”

Sandi, you are a Goddess of Epic Proportions and you make curvy look damn good, indeed!!!
Thank you for sharing your uniquely Gorgeous Spunk and Beauty with me!!!!

Karen Hedley - Jill is a fun, soulful person and therefore her work is fun, soulful, and necessary!!! To portray the beautiful soft curves of a woman is a gift to the world! Jill is like the 21st century Renoir!

Will King - You go Girl!!

Jen - Beautiful job Jill and Sandi! Sandi you are beautiful and I love you sense of life! Jill beautiful capture of who she really is!

Discopouffe - LOVE the last picture so very Betty Boop!
Bravo Jill!

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Welcome to my Photo Blog

Hi, I’m Jill (sometimes known as JAM). I conceived of  Kind Eyes as a way of expanding our culture’s limited ideas of Beauty and of helping all women feel Beautiful. As a woman and a professional photographer, I have been grappling with these issues for most of my life (I’m 50). I look forward to sharing my photos and hope to encourage an interesting dialogue around this loaded topic of owning our Beauty. Thanks for visiting and please come see me again soon for more gorgeousness in all shapes, sizes and ages.

Karen Hedley - These photos are to die for! Better than chocolate!

Kelly Ruse - Love your new site!

Jess - Rawr! Love it Chicken xo

Patty - WOW!! Amazing photography – so wonderful to see women “being” beautiful. Keep it coming.

Federico - All looks Smashing !! ~ Nice Job Jamalicious !! XX F

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