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Mom of Two, the Gorgeous Nicoletta explores her Inner Femme Fatale

I love photographing friends and watching them transform in front of my lens. Nicoletta had a strong connection to the archetype of the Dark Lady in the film noir of the 40’s and we really had fun playing with these roles. There is so much Light and Beauty in her darkness.

“I felt like I was a 40’s actress dark lady being photographed, then a model in a Vogue shoot, then Marilyn in her bedroom photos, the melancholic femme fatale etc etc. I loved doing the photo shoot with you, it allowed me to play like I have never done before. I  felt like I was role playing so many aspects of myself in the container of safety, trust and love you created.

How wonderful. Forever grateful for this experience. I can’t wait to put a portrait on my wall with no shyness at all. ”

Photographed on location in New York City

Styled by the amazing Deborah and Claudia at MHM

Alia/Lali - these are INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE!!!

Wow to both of you!

Thea - Radiant, rich, soulful! Loved the juxtaposition of playfulness and film noir. Beautiful work, beautiful woman.

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Sensuous Cee Cee, the Soul of a Courtesan

Beautiful, Sensuous Cee Cee is a mother who is passionate about living her life with joy and pleasure. Recently single and rediscovering herself as an artist, she boldly cut her hair short and feels much more vibrant and sexy. I asked her to share a message to her daughter about her journey to owning her beauty. This is what she wrote:


Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl – just like you. She was innocent and sweet – just like you. She was happy and carefree – just like you. She was perfect just the way she was – just like you.

But unbeknownst to the little girl, from the day she was born, there was a curse upon her. It was the curse of being born a girl into our modern society. With every day that passed, she became a little bit more vulnerable to it. And eventually, the day came when the big bad media finally got her. It huffed and it puffed and it blew away every last bit of that little girl’s self-esteem and gobbled her confidence right up until there was nothing left inside of her but doubt and shame. She could no longer see her own beauty!

Alas, she spent many long years trapped in the dungeon of her own doubts, even as she grew into a woman. She was very unhappy. But fear not! This is a fairy tale, after all, so there’s bound to be a happy ending.

Finally, she broke free! She blew the locks off the dungeon doors and crumbled the walls – and with nary a prince or a fairy godmother in sight! There was no need for a magic wand, my dear, because she had something even more powerful, and she found it right inside her own heart!

Just as all girls and women do, she possessed an entirely invincible secret weapon. It’s so secret, most of them don’t even know about it themselves! But it’s there, just waiting to be discovered and used. The secret weapon is The Truth, and it looks like this: The Truth is that every girl and woman is, was, and always will be perfect just the way she is. The Truth is that there is not, and never will be, anyone more beautiful! And that is The Truth for every single girl and woman alive!

And here’s another secret for you: I know this story because that little girl, and the radiant, beautiful woman she knows herself to be today – is ME! The Truth is that I am just like you – and you are just like me – we are and always will be perfect and beautiful beyond comparison. Nothing can ever take that away!

Thank you Cee Cee for sharing your Beauty and your story with us. May all who know you bask in your Feminine Radiance, and may we all know that it is always ours for the claiming!!! XOXO


Cooky - The combined wisdom and beauty in the pictures and the story brought tears of love and joy to my eyes. Thank you so so much for sharing this! GORGEOUS Wise Beautiful Filled with Life

Tatiana - I LOVE this story. It needs to be published… with the photos of the beautiful princess!

Tony - Absolutely beautiful story and equally beautiful photos. But as beautiful as you are in photos, it does not compare with seeing you dancing naked in my livingroom right this second. I love you CeeCee.

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Britni, a young Plus Size Model claims her Beauty


“Growing up, I had two thin and athletic looking parents and then there was me…As a teenager I started developing curves that I didn’t like…wide hips, big butt etc. I wasn’t happy with who I was and wanted to be thin. I spent many years wishing to be something else and became tired of it. Did I really hate my curves? No, I loved them…I just wanted to be the picture perfect skinny girl in magazines that I saw.

When I got a bit older I realized that my body shape is beautiful and no one is perfect. Each and every one of us defines beauty in a different way so no matter what I changed, I still wouldn’t be perfect to everyone.

I began modeling to flaunt my curves and reach goals that I never though were possible for a girl like me. Being a plus size model means embracing curves and setting a example to all those curvy girls that YOU are beautiful , and don’t feel otherwise.”

These photos were taken in Los Angeles in March of 2011. Britni was 23 at the time and already married. She is now the proud mom of her adorable infant son Nico. Congratulations Britni, you are a true Beauty inside and out!!!

Styled by Johnny Hernandez of Fierro Agency

Huge thanks to Julian and Johnny for letting me shoot in their rad Mid-Century home XOXO


Sofia - So much Beauty in the pics and especially in her words! thanks for sharing so much inspiration . . . xo

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The Day I Owned My Beauty, the Birth of Venus

THE DAY I OWNED MY BEAUTY, THE BIRTH OF VENUSHere’s the thing about Owning your Beauty. It is a choice and a practice and a journey. I have been walking this road for a long time. Kind Eyes is born from my own Beauty wounding. I truly believe that Divine Beauty is Absolute and Unconditional…but to LIVE that… walk in the world really OWNING it, that is another story. So the story I want to tell with these photos is how I decided to stop arguing for my limitations and just surrender to my Beauty.November 11, 2012…. South Beach, Florida…I was in the land of the Sister Goddesses, enveloped by their love and admiration. I was bombarded by it really. It was like having a giant mirror of gorgeousness blinding me in the sun! You know that quote about “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?” (see full quote below) Well these Sister Goddesses midwifed it out of me….if all these amazing gorgeous talented and fabulous women are telling ME that this is how THEY see ME, who am I to argue? So with neither a lack of humility or false modesty, I decided to step into living the reality of who THEY were seeing in me: a Leader, a Rock Star, an amazing photographer, a Goddess. Just like that.Kate Goldsborough of Beauty is a Decision was doing my hair and make up for this shoot and she was right in my face. She kept saying ‘do you even know how fucking gorgeous you are?” Well actually no, I didn’t. Because a man never got in my face and said that to me….EVER.Kate laid down the gauntlet. Did I really want to wait another 8, 10, 20 years to own it? The answer is no, I do not. I do not want to waste any more time feeling less than. And I started telling myself how fucking gorgeous I am, with enthusiasm and delight….and guess what Ladies? Men haven’t been able to stop telling me how gorgeous I am ever since…when we change within, so does the world without. And yes, I still obsess about my sagging neck or whatever sometimes, but I am working on loving it too. To embrace ALL of ME. Self-love is a journey and a process.

I have been photographed a lot this year. On the other end of the spectrum from these glamour shots…my dear friend Noel, a French photographer, was doing a series inspired by Women who Run with the Wolves and he was photographing his women friends as wild women – we are talking no make up, no retouching, no posing (well he couldn’t quite break me of that, lol). I am sharing some of the out takes here, some that I love and some that really challenged me to love myself FOR REAL.Because as a photographer, I know that I can look Movie Star Gorgeous with the right lighting and angle and all that, but there are other angles and can I look at those sides of myself and still be kind…it is harder to do, and I can’t say I feel as beautiful in these images as I do in the glamour ones, but I am willing to see what my friend sees, that my body is AMAZING and aren’t we all tired of seeing perfect airbrushed bodies and how about a little cellulite….so I am YESSING it ALL here.As I step into this new year, leaving behind the weight of a lifetime of self loathing and judgement and stepping into a new reality…the future looks really Beautiful from here!!! One Lifetime Ladies, LOVE YOURSELVES!!!!“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~ Marianne Williamson Glamour shots  ©Liz Linder Styled by the amazing Kate Goldsborough! Wild Woman portraits  © Noel Manalili

Jolanda - Love it Jill, those pictures are breathtaking, true beauty, YOU are so amazingly powerful

Erika Gorman - Your site and this post have made me cry. So inspired. I am looking for a way to contact you and am having trouble locating….I would love to save for a shoot. I live over the hill in Ojai. I am a Boudoir photographer also and have been wanting to walk the walk lately and find a special soul to photograph me. You are undoubtedly it!!! Looking forward to connecting hopefully!!!

Lali - You are amazing, incredible, GORGEOUS. Oh lordie… thank you for your courage. Stunning, exquisite, you!

Suzi Wiley - These images are so POWERFUL and INSPIRING! I love following your journey to experience your fullness and creative potential! You go girl!

Mikhaila Stettler (@MikhailaCreates) - Your courageous self-expression is an inspiration! I applaud your commitment to show up in the world, standing loud and proud for the values you hold dear. Power to the Feminine- juicy gorgeous awesomeness!

Tom Small - Fabulous article and gorgeous pics! Welcome to your journey. You are stunning and powerful!

Ditte - I’m so happy and honored to see you in your full glory! You look like you own it on the inside ~ Not just a beauty for the world to wonder about! Oh you are so inspiring!!!
Love you much! Thank you!

Tracey - Oh my Gorgeous Goddess!!! These are so freaking amazing Jill and your words move with the powerfulness of your pictures! Stunningly Sexy and Succulent! Love! Love! Love!

Sofia - Oh Goddess, YES, you are GORGEOUS! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this blog post ~ INSPIRATIONAL, truly inspirational. Love You,Sofia

Michaela - Beautiful, bold & transformed! Thrilled about your liberation & current embodiment of your greatness. You are soaring high my darling! So proud & delighted! Gorgeous! Loving you!

Trip Slaughter - Awesome pics Jill, u r beautiful. Just like my goddess.

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Bunnie = one lusciously seductive Hot Mamma!!!

Beautiful Bunnie is one of my dearest friends and an exceptional women.  I was still in my 30’s and she in her early 40’s when we first met, so we have been growing into and processing this ‘aging thing’ for a while now.

Always an avid runner, she told me impressive tales of how she ran 100 mile trial races and showed me pictures of her runner’s body younger self. Her body’s aches and pains seemed like a betrayal and as many of the things she had loved to do became too difficult, it challenged her identity as well as reshaped her body into a more voluptuous one.

In her words: “I have always had negative body image. As I have aged these issues have only increased. I truly felt beautiful while doing the shoot but my doubts were about seeing my photos and not instantly seeing all the negatives. And I love my photos – I’m gorgeous. All who have seen the photos say the same thing. My adult daughters say I’m a “hot mamma.”

Since the shoot, I do feel more beautiful, and it seems like more people are telling me I’m beautiful. I guess it’s true that if we feel it on the inside it shows on the outside.

Darling Bunnie, you have always been a great Beauty to me, and you are only getting more gorgeous by the year. I am glad that you are finally seeing what the rest of us have always known. Love you with all my heart XOXO

Michaela - Beautiful! Really lovely. And QUITE tastefully sexy. Interesting and surprising. Really impressed.

Lali - You are such a hot mama. Like, whoa. Your curves, your skin, your bunny gaze (oh those big open eyes.) Beautiful. All so beautiful! You definitely are a HOT MAMMA. Or what the younger kids call a ‘milf’ 😀 MUAH! And love the lingerie!

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