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Elaine, the swan emerges

I started Kind Eyes because of my own Beauty wounding and because I was blessed with the gift of seeing a woman’s Divine Beauty and being able to capture it with a camera. I have done a lot of personal growth work over the years to be a 52 year old woman, finally living in my body without criticism. There are many stages along the way – from not picking yourself apart to actually feeling beautiful – to truly falling in love with yourself.  It touches me deeply to be a part of other women’s healing journey. It is truly my deepest wish and mission, to help all faces of the Goddess recognize themselves as the uniquely Divine Beauty they are.

Elaine’s story touched me so deeply. She found me through the miracle of Facebook – we were both taking a class in Owning our Worth online with Tosha Silver, so I knew we were like-minded spirits, seeking to “Let the Divine take the lead” and to “always know our Beauty Worth and Value”.

In her words:

“I grew up being told how ugly I was because I did not fit the mold of what a Chinese girl would be. I was tall and had dark skin. My mother was very fair and petite and people often asked if I was adopted or jokingly asked if picked up from the trash because I looked nothing like her. I remembered how hard it was to try to fit in and constantly hating my body for being so different from my family and friends. How I wished I was tiny and petite so I did not look like a monster.

Over the years, these lies perpetuated themselves over and over in all ways and forms. I hated the mirror and hated being photographed at all cost. ”

Interesting also what a negative tape on repeat and an internalized critical parent will do…while she grew up feeling like  ‘a monster’, I was in awe of her amazing stature  (and jealous of her long legs!). She was so nervous but we started dancing and had so much fun…she told me that it was unusual for her to be smiling in photos…in most of my favorite images she is laughing…there is nothing more beautiful than a woman enjoying herself!

Getting to know Elaine has been such a blessing. She is a super smart single mom from the Bay Area working in IT who rocks a lot of Patagonia and granny panties. But interestingly, her inner feminine had been leading her to buy lingerie (and lots of it) over the years. She showed up with such a great pile of sexy items that she had never worn.  Although she said that this was WAY out of her comfort zone, she jumped in and allowed me to pick out the skimpy items worn here and bravely tottered around on her epic heels, purchased for the occasion.

“I cannot explain the magical connection during the session only that it transformed me. I felt like I was finally stepping into myself, the woman that I am. I felt at ease, I felt strong, I felt so comfortable, I felt curious, most important of all I love my body and how I wondered in amazement at my body for the first time. The magical moment when you look at yourself and you go Ah……

I do have moments after the shoot where I still pick on myself and my Body parts. However slowly and with more awareness, those moments are fleeting. I often look at my pictures and go “I don’t look like that at all” but then I smile and remember how magical, brave and strong I felt as a result of experiencing that photo shoot.

Owning my femininity, my sensuality is a huge step in my path of finding myself. Loving myself and honoring my body sounds simple and yet one of the hardest thing I learned to do.

To all my sister goddesses out there, Jill is our fairy goddess sister that sprinkles fairy dust and you too will see the amazingly beautiful soul that you are…..”

Elaine, thank you for allowing me to be a part of you journey, and thank you for generously sharing your story with us.
XO Jill

Photographed in Santa Barbara
Hair and Makeup by the lovely Page Berse

Karla - Absolutely stunning and fabulous!! I agree with you, Jill that although I adore each and every shot, I love the ones where Elaine is smiling. You truly captured every part of Elaine that I love. I’m so glad Elaine shared this with me…and I can’t wait to do mine! LOL xo, SG Karla

Christie - I love this …ur so hot and sexy owning who you are!!! I can so relate to wanting to fit in to the petite image of an Asian woman…so much better to own our natural beauty and uniqueness…much hotter. Thank you for sharing your beauty inside and out

Thea - Honoring the courage it took to slay those dragons of self doubt, and the emergence of your free, beautiful, juicy Goddess self!

Magi - So lucky to know this beautiful swan! I need some serious fairy dusting too!!! GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS. Thanks for sharing your love and light. x, ~magi.

Sofia - Wow, what a BEAUTIFUL Smile and what an absolutely Gorgeously Radiant Woman in all her Divine FEMININITY. As always, thank you for allowing us to be part of the JOURNEY you have created through the photos. Most Grateful to the both of you!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

Erika Gorman - Gorgeous images of a true beauty

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Kim, the beast unleashed

There were so many images that I loved from my epic shoot with Kim that I just had to do a second post…as promised, more Lusciousness, Vivaciousness…and in her words “Sassasfras”!! These are my personal faves…

“It is amazing to see how a few fun accessories like the red retro sunglasses and onyx beads brought out the sassafrass and lioness in me! ROAR!”


“I recently joined an online dating site and used several of the less revealing and fun shots on my profile. My email blew up with men liking the photos and wanting to connect with me. I have a date this Friday too!”

Um, I am not surprised! Although Owning our Beauty is an inside job, it is lovely to see how the world (and yes, men) start responding once we free ourselves from our negative tapes. Enjoy all the Bounty that is yours to claim Goddess, get it!


These last 2 shots, taken at the end of our FOUR HOUR SHOOT, are some of my favorites. Worn out and vulnerable, I can feel Kim’s surrender to her own Beauty. It was my great pleasure to spend a day honoring a true goddess with my lens. Love you Kim XO


For more Kim, see our previous post





Sofia - Surrendered & Vulnerable look so good on YOU, Kim. Thanks you two for sharing the BEAUTY! xo

Erika Gorman - So gorgeous….can’t wait to book mine <3

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Donna Claudia, kick ass health warrior, breast cancer survivor and Pleasure Revolutionary

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Kind Eyes presents London Beauty and Breast Cancer Survivor Donna Claudia

In her words: “To all the women out there facing battles and darkness I hope my pictures and my story inspire you to dive in life fully, never stop playing, to own your beauty with all the perfect imperfections, lines, scars and all, to take time to do something special for yourself and to see life drama and crisis under a new light.”2013-10-21_0001

“I am a kick ass health warrior and a sister goddess. I have fought breast cancer and I have done it through reconnecting with my femininity, my sex, my pleasure.

Part of the journey was to go down and face the darkness, the losses, the battle with the dragon, the fears that were stopping me living fully.  Part of the journey was to come up again and take life by the horns, by letting my desires becoming my compass and by honoring myself.  I went for the most exciting and crazy adventures, the ones I have always said no to, because in my mind I have always been listening to my most rational and limiting thinking. I started to say  YES to everything that was fun and celebratory. I followed my turn on, I listened to the life force we so unashamedly follow when we are 6 years old and we run around in pure excitement. I took leaps, I took trips, I took chances. I joined a group of wild women in NY, jumped on many planes to be with them once a month, I took a bath with hundred of them naked under the full moon in Miami beach, I connected with another transformational community of people committed to open up the world to Orgasm.

I learned to listen to the voice of the feminine, the crazy one that tells me to push the edges and break rules, to set myself and others free. My life started to change in a way I would never  have experienced if I didn’t have breast cancer. I became appreciative it for having come into my life to show me the places where I forgot to switch the light on.

I took time to celebrate being a channel for life and beauty and divinity. When Jill offered to take my portrait to inspire women with breast cancer, I was so thrilled and grateful. We spent a day together focused just on me, on creating something magical and special to frame a powerful moment of my life in pictures.

She set a warm, sensual space for making me shine like a star for a day.  A personal make up artist, a NY loft to die for and sexy clothes to play with. I felt so comfortable,  I could let my camera shyness down and let myself enjoy revealing my body, my breasts and my scar for all the world to see. My breast has a mark, a line on my skin that I acknowledge every day and reminds me to never stop celebrating life and play. I love that I now have these beautiful pictures where I openly show that. The photos with Jill have been a powerful moment that marked the new universe I have been creating.

Claudia is now following her purpose and loves transforming people’s lives being a Pleasure coach,
teaching about Orgasm, Orgasmic Meditation and how to create an Orgasmic Life.

Dearest Claudia, I am deeply honored by your transparency and beautiful vulnerability in front of my lens.
You are a true goddess, shining so brightly and lifting up whomever has the pleasure of knowing you.
Thank you for so generously sharing your experience with us and showing us the healing power of living from
your Pleasure and Turn On  XOXO Jill



Thea - Beautiful woman, brave SG. Honoring your heroine’s journey through the dark forest and finding illumination. Shine!

Sofia - Stunningly GORGEOUS, truly Stunning! Thank you both for sharing so intimately the BEAUTY that is woman.

brook - wow. the combination of you two goddesses together sets me on fire! xo

Tiara - So lovely!

SG Ooh La La - Simply amazing and inspirational! Thank you Jill for your pursuit of SG Claudia and allowing her to shine her light through the Kind Eyes Lens. ❤️

SG Ti - Swoon…my Mastery crush. What a goddess.

Erika - Wow…amazing!!!

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Kim, transforming negative self talk into self love

I met the Beautiful and Enchanting Kim in Miami 2 years ago at the annual gathering of  Mama Gena’s Sister Goddesses. I was in awe of her confidence and sass as she rocked her hot pink string bikini on the beach. I felt like she would be a perfect ambassatrix for my Kind Eyes vision, a women at ease in her body and loving her curves.

When we started discussing a possible photo shoot, I discovered that her inner dialogue was much different than what she was presenting…like most of us, she had an inner critic that was louder about what was wrong than right

In her words:  “At that time, I,  like most women had a severe case of “I hate my body” blues. The self-talk tape that ran 24/7 in my head went like this “my thighs and butt are so dimpled and fat, I better cover them up”, “gawd, how did my stomach get so big, I look 8 months pregnant and I am not!”, “my butt is as big as my gut”, ‘ugh, a huge double chin”. “Look at that photo! I look hideous- take it off facebook immediately and untag me”.

These ideas of how unattractive I am impacted my social activities and I chose not to date because I felt undesirable. I felt I needed to lose weight and change shape to be more desirable based on society’s view of what is attractive and an acceptable standard for women’s bodies.

By the time of my photo shoot, I was becoming much more confident that I had some beauty in there somewhere and by goddess we were going to make it come out!

The experience of getting a professional stylist and makeup artist to work with me (for 3 hours!!) prior to the shoot opened me up and created a build up of excitement.

Jill created a relaxed and playful atmosphere for the shoot. She helped bring out my inner and outer beauty. I am thrilled with the photos and will cherish the affect it has had on my inner dialogue on body image.”

Kim,  you are such a goddess and I am so honored that you chose to let me honor your Divine Beauty with my camera! I am so in love with the images we created together, so look for an upcoming post with round two from our shoot!!!

Bill Parsley - Kim,

Confidence, sensuality, sass, curves and vulnerability….how could it get any better. This is what a woman is supposed to look like. Amazing!!!

Kim, the beast unleashed - plus size boudoir - […] For more Kim, see our previous post […]

Michael Hayes - I just have to say you are … Beautiful


Jeanne - Kim’s 6lbs 6 oz has simply multiplied into more loveliness! Her increasing positive self image is sure to bring new excitement into her life. With so much love, your Mom

Ananda - So beautiful and so refreshing to see a real, gorgeous woman, portrayed as she should be.

Thea - Lovely woman, delicious Goddessness, you changing your script empowers all women. Thank you for your courage and honesty.

Sofia - GORGEOUS, it always amazes me how such a BEAUTIFUL woman can have such ugly dialogue in her head. Thanks for sharing your beauty with us, so COURAGEOUS of you. xo

Erika - So beautiful…. Thanks for sharing these with us you 2!!

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The Dancing Queens

I had the pleasure of meeting Smita and Laila during our Mastery program at Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts and was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph them at our Courtesan’s Boudoir party.
Both lit up my lens with their radiant smiles and spirited dance moves!

“Owning my beauty is a tactile experience for me. Running my fingers through my curly hair, cupping my breasts, tracing my lips lightly, stroking the smooth skin on my thighs, caressing myself with a feather. I own my beauty by experiencing myself how a lover would feel me. I love myself through touch.”

SG Smita

The Lovely Courtesan of Canberra

The lovely Moroccan Goddess of New York

Thank you for sharing your Divine Beauty and killer moves with all of us.
You are true Goddesses and I am blessed our paths crossed!!!

Gorgeous Hair and Makeup by Gloria Manzanares and Elizabette Quezada

Sofia - Simply stated: GORGEOUS. They light up, their Radiance is infectious and I am blessed by their Beauty and yours, Jill, yes, yours. They are a reflection of you ~ what you see in each woman you photograph is what is in you! Love, Sofia

Thea Seto - Kind eyes free joyous hearts! Love how you captured the inner light of these beautiful, free, earthbound goddesses. Thank you for creating a safe space women to dance and shine.

Sara Appel - Gorgeous!! Just gorgeous!! Jill you are amazing. You bring out the beauty in all the women you photograph. I think you ought to take your show on the road and come out to Maui to photograph the beauty out here! (And visit me, of course). Love and light, Sara - Thank you my darling Michaela! And so shall it be…XOXO

Michaela - Beautiful!!! You help every Goddesses beauty shine bright. And you have secretly photographed so many of us Jill! Jealous! I desire that too! xoxo

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